Awards & Scholarships

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to students and trainees in medical, behavioral, and related fields concerned with the treatment and study of psychosomatic processes in health and disease who are enrolled in baccalaureate or post baccalaureate training. They have all rights and privileges of regular members with the exception of holding office. Annual dues are set at a reduced rate of $60, and include a subscription to the Journal Psychosomatic Medicine. Applications must include verification in writing from a faculty advisor testifying to the applicant's trainee status and interest in psychosomatic medicine.

Student Opportunities Through APS

APS is a worldwide community of scholars and clinicians dedicated to the scientific understanding of the interaction of mind, brain, body and social context in promoting health and contributing to the pathogenesis, course and treatment of disease. This is an area which is interesting to many students. But what does APS do for them? Here are a few of the opportunities:

    1. Young Scholar Awards

    APS Young Scholar Awards are presented each year to outstanding abstract submissions where the first author of an accepted abstract is either a student, resident, or fellow. Each award provides monetary assistance for conference and other fees.

    2. Medical Student / Medical Resident / Medical Fellow Travel Scholarships

    The American Psychosomatic Society (APS) Medical Student / Medical Resident / Medical Fellow Travel Scholarships are intended to assist with travel, hotel accommodations and meeting registration fees to the APS Annual Meeting. Each scholarship will include up to $500, free meeting registration for the 3-day meeting, plus one year of free membership.

    3. Travel Awards for MacLean Scholars

    The MacLean Scholar awards were created to enable at least 5 neuroscience trainees to attend the Annual Meeting and interact with the recipient of the Paul D. MacLean Award for Outstanding Neuroscience Research in Psychosomatic Medicine. MacLean Scholar winners will receive travel reimbursement in the amount of $500 to attend the meeting.

    4. Pre-Conference Workshops

    These workshops are perfect for students who need more information about a topic, an overview of the latest and greatest in a specific field, or an opportunity to ask questions of leading researchers.

    5. Mentoring Program

    The APS mentoring program is designed to give students/trainees the opportunity to meet with a mentor during the annual meeting. Please be sure to register for the meeting and indicate your desire to be a mentee.

    6 Student Dinner

    Meet other students with similar interests. Arranged by student hosts, this is an opportunity to get to know people from all over the country (and reconnect with ones you miss!). Students who become involved in APS often become lifelong members of the organization because it is a small and welcoming group that hopes to train and inspire a new generation of researchers and practitioner