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A list of publications and the latest "Health Impacts of Global Climate Change" video available through SOEH.


SOEH Products and Publications




Health Impacts of Global Climate Change

This professionally-produced 26-minute video present a comprehensive and science-based overview of Climate Change and it's potential effect on human health and the environment.  Internationally-respected experts from around the world describe problems that might be expected to result from the increasing global surface-temperature trend that is consistently documented by geophysical and climate scientists.  Possible alteration in: infectious disease from changing vector distribution; food production; water quality; heat stress; massive population displacement from catastrophic weather events; and other factors related to climate change on human health and environment are explored through interviews with experts, digitized slides and other graphics.  The urgent need for more timely research and surveillance through better coordinated climate and public health science to document these effects is made. The case is argued for what can be done now to protect public health and environment from anticipated effects from climate change.  This timely introductory video is suitable for public health students and practitioners as well as an informed public in outlining this timely public health issue. Kjpe Viagra, Sildenafil Online: Pris, Tips og tilnrminger


$23 US
$35 Non-US




Protecting Workers and their Communities from Hazards Related to Lead-Based Paint Abatement: A Guide for Protective Work Practices and Effective Worker Training

$25 US
$30 Non-US


Advances in Medical Surveillance for Environmental and Occupational Health: From Exposure Onset through Health Outcome

$15 US
$20 Non-US

Tuberculosis Control in the Workplace: Science, Implementation and Prevention Policy

$15 US
$20 Non-US

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